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"It's All About Retirement" radio show hosted by Craig J. Ferrantino, CWS® and Jenna M. Hudson was created to provide insight and real tips people can take away to help achieve and preserve the ultimate goal of retirement.

The first tip: realizing your budget, investment plan, college savings plans, and even every day finances are really all about retirement. This may sound simple, but is the first step in getting on track, or back on track, toward making your retirement dreams a reality.

Craig and Jenna have real conversations about retirement and bring clarity to many of the topics that the media and other investment professionals tend to overcomplicate. They utilize a unique process when meeting with clients that differentiates them from their competitors. They focus on planning not product and tell the harsh truth when it comes to successfully managing one's finances.

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  Possible Retirement Account Changes on the Horizon

Jenna and Craig discuss possible retirement account changes on their radio show "Its All About Retirement."

  Distribution Planning Til Death Do Us Part

Jenna and Craig discuss distribution planning on their radio show "Its All About Retirement."

  5 Social Security Changes for 2015

Jenna and Craig discuss 5 social security changes for 2015.

  7 Retirement Account Changes in 2015 Be Prepared to Take Action Today

Jenna and Craig discuss 7 retirement account changes in 2015 Be prepared to take action today.

  10 Retirement Resolutions For 2015

Jenna and Craig discuss 10 retirement resolutions for 2015.

  10 Social Security Planning Strategies

Jenna and Craig discuss 10 social security planning strategies.

  All About Retirement 11-8-14

Jenna and Craig discuss financial topics on All About Retirement 11-8-14.

  Who Will Inherit Your Debt When You Die

Jenna and Craig discuss who will inherit your debt when you die.

  401k Planning

Jenna and Craig discuss 401k planning.

  The Inheritance Dilemma

Jenna and Craig discuss the inheritance dilemma.


Jenna and Craig discuss Why is it ALL ABOUT RETIREMENT.

  It's All About Retirement Premiere

Jenna and Craig discuss It's All About Retirement Premiere.

  Individual Retirement Accounts - What is an IRA

Jenna and Craig discuss Individual Retirement Accounts.

  Further into IRAs

Jenna and Craig discuss Further into IRAs.

  Celebrity Estates

Jenna and Craig discuss celebrity estates.

  Celebrity Divorces

Jenna and Craig discuss celebrity divorces.

  Retire At 65

Jenna and Craig discuss how to retire at 65.

  The Estate Gap - How Does it Affect You

Jenna and Craig discuss the estate gap and how it affects you.

  What Happens When Interest Rates Rise

Jenna and Craig discuss what happens when interest rates rise.

  How To Avoid A Gifting Headache

Jenna and Craig discuss how to avoid a gifting headache.

  25 Essential Estate Planning Tips

Jenna and Craig discuss 25 essential estate planning tips.

  Women and Money: 4 Obstacles to Wealth

Jenna and Craig discuss four obstables to wealth that women encounter.

  What Is An IRA And Why Is It Important?

Jenna and Craig discuss what an IRA is and the importance of having one.

  Is Saving 10 Percent For Retirement Enough?

Jenna and Craig discuss if saving 10% of your income for retirement is enough.

  8 Financial Rules of Thumb

Jenna and Craig discuss 8 Financial Rules of Thumb.

  How Inflation Can Be Beneficial

Jenna and Craig discuss how inflation can be beneficial to us and the economy.

  7 Retirement Risks - Are You Protected

Jenna and Craig discuss 7 retirement risks and if you're protected.

  Identity Theft - Dont Be A Victim

Jenna and Craig discuss identity theft and the preventative measures you can take to avoid becoming a victim.

  The 4% Rule

Craig and Jenna discuss retirement and the 4% rule.

  College Savings Plans

Craig and Jenna discuss college savings plans.

  All About Required Minimum Distributions

Craig and Jenna discuss required minimum distributions.

  Stretch IRAs- To Stretch Or Not To Stretch

Craig and Jenna discuss stretch IRAs.

  What Is The Right Age To Retire?

Craig and Jenna discuss what age is the right age to retire.

  Why Is Retirement So Hard

Craig and Jenna discuss why retirement is so hard.

  Estate Taxes

Craig and Jenna discuss estate taxes and how to plan to minimize them.

  Understanding Medicare and Medicaid

Jenna and Craig discuss Medicare and Medicaid.

  Inflation Nation

Craig and Jenna discuss one of the most insidious threats to your retirement and how if may affect your investment portfolio.

  Municipal Bond Update

Jenna and Craig discuss municipal bonds and how to purchase new issues.

  Roth IRA Conversions

Does converting to a Roth IRA make sense for you and your retirement? Jenna and Craig discuss the options of converting your IRAs into Roth IRAs and how this may be a technique for your future retirement.

  Failure To Plan Is A Plan To Fail

Craig and Jenna discuss the importance of planning for your retirement.

  Longevity Issues

Craig and Jenna discuss longevity issues and the risks of outliving your investments.

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